Starting Things

I’m starting this blog knowing the future. A future, anyway. One where I am hopefully a better writer than I am today. I am hoping that when a future me winces at a typo or rolls my eyes at a poorly executed mixed metaphor I will also see improvement. For the record, I leave open the possibility of expertly executed mixed metaphors.

There are other things I can guess at too. As I get on with the task of writing in a blog format my writing style will evolve. That should hopefully (that word again) be a part of the getting better bit. For example, I swear I’ve seen a major uptick in the use of em dashes over the last few years. I may have to figure out how to use those – they seem so cool. I’m pretty sure I just did that wrong.

This isn’t coming out of nowhere. I’ve been writing more these last few years. Around 2012 I started writing with real reliability in my personal journal. The rise of notetaking apps was the difference. Before then I’d occasionally make an entry on paper, probably in a Moleskin notebook. Always short, they’d start off in neat(-ish) block script, but quickly devolve into barely legible scribbles. Typing meant I actually got my thoughts down before my hand cramped or apathy set it. Either way it was text-based entropy. Not using a word processor meant I wasn’t distracted by features and the confines of paper-based formats. Good stuff.

Around that time I also made a change in my main gig. I moved from IT where all my writing was technical and procedural to the marketing department. Writing copy for brochures and the web is a whole different business from how-to guides. Before I answered how, now I was answering why. Totally different.

Only time will reveal where this goes, but I’ll venture a guess: this effort will merge those two writing styles into a third form. I’ll be writing in my own voice, but with a need to edit and at least give a nod to comprehension and continuity.

Now what will I write about? I have some ideas or I wouldn’t be starting. Art, of course, but creativity in general. Maybe my practices and insights as I create new things. Oh, I and I have absolutely no schedule.