24 Works on Paper

I've spent the past few weeks in the studio working on several projects and prototyping ideas for 24 Works on Paper. The biannual event — as its name indicates — is an exhibition of 24 works in range of paper-based media. I'm really happy with the final concept and have enjoyed working with new materials and trying new techniques.

The piece draws on elements of Folds Series, but my construction technique is different. In that series, I built collages out of paper materials that had been highly designed. Many had print elements created in Adobe Illustrator and digitally printed. For this piece I did something of the reverse. I created three elements of automatic art and crafted an assemblage out of them. 

The subject layer was constructed — un-painted — directly onto a paper base. I started by laying out several strips and bonding one edge, then folded the design, moving left to right. 

After boding the final design of the folded bits, I made a single paint application. To get the effect I had in mind, I loaded up Cadmium Orange (hue) into a liberal amount of matte medium. I prepped the folded paper with more clear medium before making just a few wide brush strokes from right to left. I used one of my wide Catalyst blades too, but ended up hitting it with a brush again to finish. My aim was to create streaks of orange in the gel of clear media, leaving the brilliance of the white paper to show through and brighten the orange. In contrast, the folds provided places for heavier amounts of pigment to pool.

I went against my tendency to over work a surface on this one. While I love the effect of multiple heavy layers on my panel work, I wanted a single outer surface for this piece. I created the layer that frames the folds on one piece of paper and cut out the "window" according to the design. Here too the brilliant white of the Yupo shows through, especially at the bottom where there are more light green loops. At the top though, most of the white is additive — paint over the gray loops. The design looses density as you fall from top to bottom, exposing more of the first pencil loops.

Technical Notes 

18.125" wide x 18" tall — dimension difference due to offsetting along the vertical cut-out. Doesn't count the folded bit that hangs off the right edge.
Paper: Yupo
Elements: Cadmium Orange Hue, Titanium White, Light Green Permanent, Pencil, Matte Medium, Elmer's Glue All
Tools: Liquitex Freestyle brushes (round and paddle), Catalyst Mini Blade, X-acto knife, Pacific ARC rulers