Public Art

Bryan Boone is a pre-qualified artist for public art in Oklahoma City with experience with large scale interior and exterior murals and installations.

Forward Refraction

Oklahoma City developer Midtown Renaissance beautified a sidewalk and popular pedestrian way along NW 11th Street just west of Walker Ave in Oklahoma City. The mural installation titled Eleven on 11th was curated by Marcus Muse. Ten artists and myself have murals.

Automobile Alley Abstractions

The Oklahoma City district developed the Automobile Alley Door Tour to enhance its alleyways and build up the district as a destination for public art. The Door Tour project invites pedestrians to view a “gallery” of artworks showcasing a variety of illustrations, designs and styles that have been installed on multiple doors throughout the district’s alleys.

Twenty-one designs by thirteen artists have been produced in vinyl and cover doors of various sizes in the alleys on either side of Broadway Avenue. Designs were submitted in an open call and will be on display for one year.

For the project I created three compositions that draw on designs from painting series. The designs were adapted for the doorway dimensions and the vinyl application.


When Fowler Volkswagen built their new dealership in Norman, Oklahoma they made a large investment in art. The building, which opened in 2016, features art and photography from 41 artist. There are four large murals throughout the interior of the building.

I was commissioned to produce one of two murals in the building’s stairwells. I adapted a Waveform series design to fit a nine foot square centerpiece that appears projected onto the wall from the base of the stairs.


In 2012, Francis Tuttle’s Rockwell Campus completed a major development with the addition of their culinary program and on-campus training restaurant. Dan Garrett and I were co-commissioned to produce a wall installation for a casual dining area outside of the main restaurant space to serve daytime meals for students, staff and faculty. The project consists of seven custom metal and hardboard panels. Garrett and I designed and planned the installation together and then produced our panels separately. At the request of the school, one of my panels features the number 21, the school’s district number.